Our Jewish Roots through Our Hebraic Foundation

Restoring the Church to Our Covenant Roots

Lord, let the hope of the Kingdom of God begin to dawn on all mankind. Let a worldwide knowledge of God begin to sweep the earth.

Restoring Our Roots

Yahweh’s Grand Central Station

Its the Church we have all been looking for, but never found. A Church you and I have never seen, but believe we soon will.

About our Church

Celebrating sounds of the Ancient Horns

Shofar Doctor, specializing in an array of the many Horns our ancestors used to shine Gods Glory through.

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We Are One

A spectacular show of events is coming upon us. But what is it? How did it come to be? We were once lost but the light of Heaven has shown us the way. We knew that Yeshua would be opening our minds and showing us the Light of His true universe. For all the movies and news predicting doom, we found peace and knowledge in Him. And the spectacular vision and abundance would be through His believing Israel (His believing children). Yeshua was just waiting for us to evolve so He could communicate fully His desire for His church to return back to Him the way He originally desired it to be. And now we have partners from Heaven, both in this life and the life to come after. We are not alone and we never were, they were watching us, helping us, guiding us. We with grateful hearts are thankful for His endless, tireless support in all we do here on earth for His Kingdom.